How to use emotions in workout and combat

As we have seen, in 6DKF we stress at the same time the importance of abstraction (see the article “Concentration and abstraction in combat”), and the ability to “play” consciously with emotions (see the article “Fighting and mind control: the anchors”):

  • On one hand, we have the reason, the tool that allows us to voluntarily create, channel and break emotional flows
  • On the other hand, we have emotions, forces that can allow us to manage things that otherwise we would not be able to do (or not do)

To subdue these powerful “weapons” for our purposes it is necessary to:

  • Learn through meditation to eliminate as much as possible the emotions of the moment (the one related to what is happening in the present)
  • Collect and catalog the most intense emotions from our past (situations of extreme euphoria, fear, etc.)
  • Transform emotions into mental conditioning (assigning roles and circumstances that describe them to the current space-time scenario)
  • Use the anchoring methods (we have seen some of them) to recall the emotion we need (even in a partially unconscious way)

We must behave like the greatest actors: if we can not feel deep hatred for a person we just met (or for an inanimate target), we just have to assign him what we feel about a behavior that we hate (let’s do not use specific people, it is not only ethically incorrect but it tends also to lose intensity with the time).

Basically, anything positive or negative is in our brain can be effectively employed both in training, normal life or in combat; the only condition is that the product of our mind never has a causal connection so that it can not be dissolved instantly.

The key to this type of mental mastery is to voluntarily generate / recall the emotional states we need and in no case to absorb those arising from the present moment.

In general, what has happened in the past is in fact much less difficult to manage than what can born vividly and suddenly in the present (it is obvious that employing old emotions but on which we have not elaborated is equally risky).

In the next article of this series, we will see some examples of practical applications.

Author: Master Kongling

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