How to train your fingers: 4 exercises

We said that the fingers have to be trained for resistance, flexibility, agility and power, here are some exercises (one for each of these skills):

  • Resistance, take a bag of rice (0.5-1kg), let’s close it well and while we grab (with great force) with one hand, with the other we have to hit it with a finger at a time (let’s start hitting slowly)
  • Flexibility, trivially, fold one by one all the fingers and each finger in all possible directions much as we can (gradually and gently)
  • Agility, let’s take a couple of Kali wooden sticks (about 70cm in length, 250g in weight and 2.5cm in diameter) and let them rotate through fingers, 2 turns in one direction and 2 in the opposite (at the beginning we will struggle even to coordinate)
  • Power, let’s raise up and down with each individual finger (for how many reps we can) a not too light chair (if we can do so without harm let’s try to use the outer phalanx); once fortified, the fingers will perform the exercise (gradually) also to the side and to the back without bending

These exercises (of course are not the only ones) are very useful to strengthen and at the same time to speed up our fingers. Let’s practice but do not overdo it:

  • We must not lose sensitivity
  • We must never submit to crippling efforts
  • If wefeel even the slightest hint of pain or numbness we have to stop immediately
  • Let’s always leave a period of recovery time to our hands

It should be emphasized that, in 6DKF, conditioning the body does not have to change our outward appearance (no visible callus, etc.) but more about that later.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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