How to train in 6 Dragons Kung Fu: physical exercises

The most important exercises categories

To prepare ourselves consistently in 6 Dragons Kung Fu (or any other martial art) we have to plan a daily training focused on the development and maintenance of all the basic skills that a practitioner should possess (read also All the skills of 6 Dragons Kung Fu).

In our school we divide the exercises (read 6 Dragons Kung Fu exercises’ characteristics) we perform in 2 macro-categories:

  • Physical exercises (to develop a suitable body structure)
  • Technical exercises (focused on what we teach martially)

To start we will see on what to focus our training sessions in terms of basic phyisical capabilities.

The physical exercises that our martial body needs

The categories we are going to list are very common (even in other disciplines / sports) but not for this reason they are less important or avoidable (read How to use martial arts in a real fight):

  • Warm-up – These exercises are very simple and do not require special flexibility, strength (etc.); their purpose is to heat the body elements we are going to implement during the practice; the goal is to prevent injuries and bad performaces (read for example 5 jumping exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up)
  • Flexibility – We are talking about all the types of more or less advanced stretching methods (tendons transformation, preparatory, to recover, for regeneration, etc.); the goal is to prepare and extend the capabilities of our body elements (read for example 5 stretching exercises with a stick)
  • Mobility – These exercise develop stamina and at the same time help the body to adapt to the combat scenarios (running with / without obstacles, high / low jumps, explosive movements, ground crawling, bouncing on the walls, etc.); the goal is to build responsiveness (read for example 5 running exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up)
  • Weights and other tools – These practices are to build stamina, power and / or speed (weight lifting, weight throwing, wearable weights, tractions, etc.); moving away from the idea of building unnecessary body mass, the goal is to improve muscles and our cardiovascular system (read for example The weighted vest)
  • Regeneration – These are practices that allow us to compensate for the effort at the end of the most intese sessions; the goal is to be ready for the subsequend day of training (no pain, stiffness, etc., read for example 5 regeneration practices to recover after training)
  • Other – We include exercises coming from functional training, Yoga and many other systems


  • This list is incomplete and alone it makes no sense (nothing related to balance, coordination, etc.); the gaps that are easily highlightable are compensated by the technical exercises we will see later
  • Let’s repeat it, these are very common but fundamental practices, they allow us to fortify and maintain our body at at the right level (read How to use martial arts in a real fight)
  • As anyone can understand, sometimes, these “groups” intersect one between each other and this allows us to recover a lot of precious time (read Optimizing the available time)

Final notes

A few conclusive indications:

A note by Master Kongling – To conclude, 2 important tips: the first is don’t train what is in pain, train what gives you pain (this is valid both from the strictly physical point of view as for the psychological one).

In the next article we will see the specific 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s technical training categories (regarding the use of body, mind, weapons, etc., read How to train in 6DKF: specific exercises).

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  • Have you already had the opportunity to practice similar exercises?

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