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How to train safely: how to start training

In this video are described the most important concepts for each practitioner who wants to start a serious martial arts training path.

Lesson 1

  • To introduce all the other courses, I have decided to create this one about safety
  • The first thing you have to know before start training is that you have to do a check-up
  • You have to go to your doctor, your family doctor and ask him to control your body: hearth, breath, past pathologies, past injuries (etc.)
  • The second thing is to remember 4 words…
  • The first is preparation: if you do not prepare yourself gradually through study and practice, at best you will not achieve your goal, at worst you will hurt yourself
  • The second is discipline: training to achieve real skills does not last a week but every day of your life; if you are not able to accept this, please do not start training
  • Three, concentration: if you can think to everything else during your training, you will not get your results, you are not training enough hard; if your mind is free to go anywhere, you are not training hard enough
  • The last principle is determination: it is the summary of the other three; remember this word, because it is the key to achieve every possible goal of your life


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