How to repel an attack in 6 DKF: instinct and reason

In 6DKF we train to split the reaction to any type of attack in 2 parts that are closely interlinked:

  • The instinctive defense to the bitter end
  • The strategic part, the reaction of attack

While we defend, we instantly design the attack. In 6DKF we train the instinct to protect us mechanizing simple but effective movements (attack and defense) that we ensure a continuous protection without the need to use the conscious mind.

Ideally, have your mind free during the defense it allows us to be always one step ahead of the opponent. Although we speak of very small time, we can say that the speed of instinct is called to procure time to our intellect.

But if the instinct is faster than the reason, why we not entrust the entire reaction of attack / defense?

The reason is very simple: the instinct endlessly repeats mechanically mnemonic sequences, precise and fast but… banal, predictable…

If an opponent knows our fighting style we risk to bring much of the clash of fight on a purely physical plan (the faster / stronger / reactive wins). Wrong. In 6DKF the body mechanics are at the service of the mind and not vice versa.

Our mind is not focused then on the present, but rather, focuses strategically on what instinctive move we should replace in the immediate moment after, in relation to:

  • Our position, the opponent’s position
  • Our psychophysical state and status of the opponent
  • Conformation of the ambient
  • Our skill, the opponent’s skill

However, the fact that we are talking about 2 distinct moments should not deceive us, in 6DKF there is no division between defense and attack, as for the Jeet Kune Do is all one: the defensive gesture transforms itself in attack (as happen in the tao symbol, defense and attack are distinct but one generates infinity the other in a indissoluble mixture).

Most of the exercises that make up the backbone of 6DKF aim to put ourselves in a position to think more quickly, to predict positions / reactions of weapons and body parts, in a word: 6DKF allows us to gain time.

To be able to get this skill we must develop on the mental plan:

  • Knowledge of the dynamics of the human body
  • Knowledge of the dynamics of struggle most common
  • The ability to always maintain a solid concentration

And on the physical plan:

  • Reflexes and speed
  • Instinctive space precision
  • Ability to concentrate power in a small space / time

Once again we need: preparation, concentration, discipina.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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