How to meditate: 3 easy approaches (for beginners)

The problems of meditation

First of all, let’s start with the biggest problems that, as practitioners, we have to overcome in relation to meditation:

  • The prejudice that, if a martial arts school teaches meditation to its students, it is not focused on fighting, it is focused on spiritual / mystical things – Wrong, a lot of Pro MMA fighters in UFC (who fight at the highest possible level) practice meditation and gain incredible benefit from it
  • A lot of people do not like to stay idle, in silence and solitude – The fact is that meditation is a way of self-knowledge; when we are with our own and nothing disturb our thoughts, we start to see what there is inside of us and the emptiness we could see, terrifies us

Why practice meditation? What are the benefits?

The benefits of meditation are endless but let’s focus on 2 of them:

  • To become able to empty our mind in any situation – Let’s imagine, for example, to be able to clean our mind from everything is negative in a second, no matter what happens outside of it (read also Breathing for immediate relaxation)
  • To become able to recover mental and physical energies – Let’s imagine, for example, to use 1 hour of meditation to replace 3 hours of sleep, this would exponentially elongate our life and our possibilities (read also 5 regeneration practices to recover after training)

How to start with meditation for those who cannot stay idle

Meditation is a fundamental part of high-level martial arts training and this article has been specifically written to give an “easy access point” to those people who:

  • Cannot start
  • Don’t like it

A note by Master Kongling – This article is a request of MunariMan, who said that even the first meditation method of our school (read Meditation method 1) is too hard for him.

The prerequisites

We have to:

  • Find a place where no one will bother us, totally separated from our normal life
  • We have to choose the right music (calm, relaxed and slow, without words), better if meditative

3 solutions to start getting closer to meditation

These are the most simple and accessible “bridges” to meditation:

  • Stretching – Let’s simply focus on the best execution possible (read How to correctly perform stretching)
  • Breathing – If we are focusing on slow and perfect breathing, we are naturally freeing our mind from thoughts (read Correct breathing)
  • Hard Qi Gong / conditioning – The path to develop advanced skills like Iron Palm, Diamond Finger (etc.) requires a level of dedication that helps to empty the mind

Practicing these tasks we will understand that the necessary concentration will start to empty our mind; through them, we will be naturally used to meditation (the next step will be Meditation method 1).

Meditation: a contraindication

Another important tip is to do not start meditation when we are in a stressful phase of our life: we should start when we are in an (as much as possible) normal situation.

The reason is that meditation is mental conditioning:

  • If we get used ourselves to connect it to a stressful situation, we will never gain its deepest benefits
  • We have to start it as a daily practice, especially at the beginning
  • As for weightlifting, we cannot think to immediately lift 500 Kg, it is a matter of gradual evolution

A note by Master Kongling – Naturally this must not be seen as an excuse to postpone to the unfinished: it is simply a matter of avoiding the peaks of stress.

The point is that if we directly start by trying to reach the highest possible level (eg. trying to face a big level of stress) we will fail: let’s be gradual.

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Reply in the comments and share your experience:

  • What is the method you will try?

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