How to immediately improve endurance

Fighting tips (beginner / intermediate level)

How to increase the duration of your fighting performances

In this video, we talk about a few small changes that are easy to apply both for the beginner, both for the expert but capable to elongate your combat endurance.

Whether you are completely out of practice or training seriously, following these simple tips you will immediately understand how to increase your fighting skills.

4 easy to apply tricks to increase your fighting endurance

The reason why, even despite a serious workout, you are quickly out of breath is that you neglect the most fundamental aspects of a serious martial preparation aimed at the fight (read also Why martial arts do not work: 5 reasons):

  • Breathing
  • Economy of energies
  • Bodily state adaptation
  • Psychological implications

You need to make the right tactical decisions.

Tip 1

Never fight in apnea. Proper breathing is as important as ventilation in a computer (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///).

The reason why you instinctively tend to hold your breath is that this deceives you to be more concentrated and to do not waste time on a useless action.

Nothing could be more wrong. Breath:

  • Strengthens strokes
  • Renews the body’s energies
  • Manages your timing
  • Along with sweat, it prevents the body from overheating

Whatever you do, synchronize it naturally to your breathing.

To learn how to do it, insert this new habit into your daily training and into your other daily activities. It will soon become a completely automatic attitude.

Tip 2

Start to become synthetic. Even the most trained fighters must know how to dose their efforts.

Choose your goal (prevail, escape, etc.) and eliminate all the movements that do not bring you closer to it.

Let’s see a few examples:

  • It is better to give small control punches waiting to deliver a powerful one rather than continuing to give maximum power shots to the void
  • Staying on the move is a good thing, but continuing to make jumps with wide lifting from the ground (or leaps) is disadvantageous and consumes a lot of energy
  • If you are more muscular, imposing your strength on the opposing one may appear to be a good idea but it is the best way to reduce to 0 your energies in the blink of an eye
  • Instead, use the technique or, better yet, push your opponents to waste their power needlessly

Let’s be clear: all these are only examples and can also be tactical choices. The focal point is to evaluate your level during training and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Tip 3

Choose the right state. In 6 Dragons Kung Fu, we distinguish different body states (read 6DKF’s interactions: from the strong blow to the light touch) but to maintain the things simple, let’s talk about stiffness and relaxation:

  • The more your body is stiff, the more time and energies you will need to move it
  •  The more your body is relaxed, the fewer energies and time you will need to make it work

You can take a simple test: try to stay 1 hour in your bed with all your muscles fully tensed and 1 hour with your body completely relaxed, then, feel the incredible difference of effort:

  • The human body is not made to be constantly in tension
  • When it is tense it means that the muscles are working uselessly

To do not enter in too complex concepts of our style, the key point is that rigidity should is not to be avoided, it should be limited only to the moment of contact. Less than 1% of the total time of a combat.

Tip 4

Psychological implications. To be mentally tense is equal to be physically tense (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///). Unintentionally suffering the influence of emotions and sensations (like anger, fear, frustration and so on) inevitably leads our fighting capabilities to be altered:

  • Anger – It leads to rapidly and ineffectively waste all of our forces
  • Fear – It makes us rigid

If on the one hand to reach a Zen state of mind is a matter of years and years of practice and meditation (read Meditation method 1) on the other side we have 2 possibilities:

  • The first is awareness – Noticing your mental state and recognizing its effects, immediately alleviates their intensity
  • The second is in our memory – the research of a strong but controlled enthusiasm in your memory

You have to focus on the most positive, constructive and winning moment of your life.


If you are a martial arts practitioner, the beautiful thing is that you can implement these changes instantaneously: you do not need years and years of training.


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