How to follow our KUNG FU HOME STUDY Course

Learn martial arts at home: how to subscribe to our Core Course

These are the steps:

  1. Take a look to our 6 Dragons Kung Fu Patreon Page
  2. Click on “See all 9 levels” to see all the Training Plans
  3. Choose the one you prefer (starting from Practitioner level)
  4. Click on “Join” and follow the guided steps
  5. Done!

After the confirmation of your subscription:

  • You get immediate access to the private Premium Contents
  • You will get a mini-guide about how to start
  • You will be ready to receive the Premium Lessons (by e-mail)

For more details about the Core Course read From white belt to black belt: your path).

How to get the best from our home study Kung Fu course

10 simple tips about how to learn our Kung Fu:

  1. We are here to reply to you – If you have questions, do not be scared by asking, you have a dedicated personal instructor
  2. Train every day – No matter what plan you will choose, train every day (inside the course you will understand how)
  3. Start small, grow big – Be gradual, don’t ask your body more than it can give or you will stop in 2 weeks
  4. Send videos – Send (privately) your videos with your practice, we are here to help you with tips and corrections
  5. Exploit your passion – Use the initial momentum of passion to immediately build a self-discipline base or you will stop after 2 months
  6. The first skill to acquire – The first skill you need to develop is constant training, the rest comes accordingly (so ignore it for now); place your workout at the top of your priorities
  7. The combination of details creates perfection – Pay the utmost attention to what you are taught because, in the Core Course, we have concentrated the quality of our content to the maximum (eliminating everything you don’t need)
  8. Feed your self-esteem – In Kung Fu, there are things that can be learned in a minute and others that take years, use the first ones to motivate you to pursue the second ones
  9. There is only one road – The path we offer you has been tested within years and years of practice; if you follow the teaching without looking for shortcuts, you will certainly acquire the psychophysical skills of a 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s warrior, if you do not follow them this will be simply impossible
  10. Focus – Last but not least, do not take anything for granted and follow the instructions relating to the safety and quality of training maniacally

A note by Master Kongling – Remember: our goal is to transform you into a real martial arts practitioner, so help us to help you. We can’t wait to be proud of having built another warrior!

Do you have any questions?

Ask at [email protected].

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

How to master 6 Dragons Kung Fu?

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  • Daily training exercises?
  • Synthetic theory and concepts?
  • A step by step path from white to black belt?
  • A path (clear, consequential and gradual) designed to build real martial skills?
  • A direct contact with Master Kongling?

Go to our Patreon page and choose a training plan: starting from the Practitioner level, you will gain access to all this and much more.

Inside each Premium Lesson, you will receive the same teaching (practices, tips, concepts, small secrets and corrections) reserved to the live students of Master Kongling.

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