How to climb over a wall

Climb over a wall with bare hands can be more or less easy in relation to the following variables (independent of us):

  • The height of the wall
  • The slope of the wall
  • The wall surface type (eg. stone, live brick, etc.)

As well in relation to some other closely related to us:

  • Our weight (in relation to the muscles we are going to use)
  • Our height in relation to the height of the wall
  • Our technical capacity
  • Our flexibility
  • The strength of arms and legs (fingers, wrists, shoulders, etc.)
  • The kind of shoes we wear

To introduce the argument, let’s imagine a standard situation (not too complicated, not too simple), a 1.75m person who wants to climb on top of a 2.50m rock wall. For each component of our body involved in action, we need a specific workout.

Let’s see the first 4 exercises suited to the case:


  • Race against the wall trying to make at least 2 steps on the wall (fully off the ground)
  • Jumping, both stationary (looking for the maximum detachment), both in with long jump (with a run-up)


  • Do push-ups (possibly with the ground hands deadlift)
  • Perform pull-ups with our arms

In the next article we will see the subsequent exercises (more specific) and then the climbing technique.


  • More greater is our fat mass, the more we have to train
  • There are many different types of exercises and methodologies to climb a wall, those denoted in this discussion have been chosen for simplicity, efficacy and correlation to our type of workout (they can be inserted in our normal daily training)

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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