How to become a 6 Dragons Kung Fu instructor

How to take the path of teaching

To become an instructor of 6 Dragons Kung Fu the path is linear and gradual but this does not mean that it is a way at everyone’s reach.

Note – This article has been asked by one of our Core Course practitioners on Patreon (see how to attend our home study classes here Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course).

Anyone who decides to take this path:

  • Must have great passion and real determination
  • Must strive every day to improve himself (martially and ethically)
  • Must commit himself to spread positive values and correct teachings
  • Must commit to explaining clearly and honestly
  • Must commit to following the values / directives of our school

A note by Master Kongling – Remember: the instructor is not the strongest practitioner, the oldest one or the one who mnemonically knows better the theory: the instructor is the one who has already made so many mistakes that he has found the correct way. The instructor is the one who has the greatest capability in connecting theory to practice.

How to become a master of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

These are all the steps:

  1. Follow the Core Course – Start the study of the Core Course (choosing a plan from Instructor level on)
  2. Send all the required materials – Send all the practical videos (in this case it is mandatory) and maintain the contacts open with the school
  3. Become a trainer – Pass the yellow belt exam (from here on it is possible to start teaching the materials of 2 belts before the present one, initially only the white belt program)
  4. Become a black belt – Pass the black belt exam
  5. Become instructor – Pass the instructor exam
  6. Remain active – Follow constantly our courses
  7. Become master – Pass the master exam

A note by Master Kongling – The meaning of the master title is that the practitioner has reached a so high level of preparation that, respecting the past, he can start to become one of the next evolutionary rings of the chain of 6 Dragons Kung Fu. Everything that comes after the master’s level is decided by the school and is due to specific merits.


  • Do I have to follow all the video courses in addition to the Core Course to become an instructor? – No, the video courses are not mandatory but they are highly recommended; there is no rush to follow them but to reach the highest level of expertise (the master level), they are undoubtedly fundamental
  • Can I open a course of 6 Dragons Kung Fu if I become a trainer? – Yes and we are here to help you spread the knowledge you have acquired; our school will remain constantly connected with you (we will help you with all the technical aspects, promotion, etc.)
  • Will I have to pay fees to the school to remain on the teachers’ register? – No, we will not ask you any constant fee; we will simply ask you to maintain your skills in growth, following the evolutionary path up to the master level
  • Will I receive specific materials about the teaching method? – Yes, being able to do something does not automatically mean to be able to transmit it
  • Can an instructor assign belts? – No, you have to wait to become a master but in the meaning time you are authorized to admit or not your students to our online exams
  • What are the minimum and maximum age of a trainer? – You must be of legal age in the state in which you live (you have to take responsibility for your students); about the maximum age there are no specific limits
  • Can I become an instructor following the Practitioner plan of the Core Course? – You can follow the Practitioner plan up to the second belt, after that you have to pass to the Instructor plan (or higher)
  • What if I have skipped some of the necessary steps? – Write to us, we will find a way to fill the eventual gaps ([email protected])
  • Are all the video courses mandatory to become a master? – No, not all but this is a topic that we will discuss at the right moment
  • Does the school set time limits for the various qualifications? – No, everyone has his times; we will never speed-up or slow-down anyone, we simply need the students to fulfill the necessary requirements, nothing more, nothing less; our exams are gradual and proportional but we do not give anything to anyone if a person does not deserve it (read Kung Fu exams: online graduation)

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  • Are you scared by the idea of teaching?

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How to master 6 Dragons Kung Fu?

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