How to avoid the ground fighting

Before seeing how best to approach the fight to the ground we want to see some general tips on how to avoid to fall down and / or to go down in a volontary way. As we have already mentioned it is not always possible to stay upright, but, through a few small tricks we can greatly increase our chances to stay on our feet.

Let’s go in a concrete situation, we are in a dangerous situation, we can not escape, the clash is inevitable and we want to try at all costs to remain standing. Let’s start from the most basic tips:

  • Let’s keep the kick distance, the close fight has not to be searched (the typical skills of Wing Chun should be used in case of lack of alternatives and only after having tested the ability of our opponent)
  • To throw punches and kicks we need to approach, we strike and withdraw ourselves quickly
  • Let’s pay attention to the obstacles of the struggle’s ambient, we walk in the direction of open spaces (laterally, not backwards)
  • We have to remain always in motion, slow but steady (circular motion, we have already discussed this in the articles about multiple opponents fight)
  • We have to perform slow, fluid, soft movements and any grasping attempt has to be sketched out away like snakes (with explosive power, flexibility and speed)
  • If the opponent gets too close let’s push him away trying at the same time to create a distance from him with our legs
  • For every attack we have to portray our limbs with the same starting speed
  • The legs try to toddle, the arms to draw in unbalanced positions, shoulders charge us (etc.), let’s keep an eye on all the opponent’s body elements

We’ve seen some general ideas about avoiding to fall to the ground, obviously for each specific technique, we will see specific reactions. In the next article we will see how to avoid typical contacts that precede a fall and then the fight to the ground.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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