How to always be ready to fight

Sudden fights: why me? Why now?

The fact to being always in the right conditions to fight is not automatic at all (read Self-defense: aggression in front of a supermarket), this is the difference that intercurs between a martial athlete and a warrior (read The fighter and the warrior).

The first (the fighter) prepares himself to express a performance (in a ring, in a cage, etc.):

  • Faced with a (single) declared opponent
  • Against a person with a similar weight / ability
  • On a predetermined date / hour
  • After months of specific workout
  • After a perfect warm-up and stretching
  • Motivated by a trainer / master
  • With precise rules, respect and equal weapons
  • In a relatively safe environment
  • With the option to abandon the struggle whenever he wants
  • Without directly putting at risk his life

The second (the warrior) must be always ready, at any moment:

  • When he is injured (past damages, new ones, etc.)
  • When he is sick (chronic illnesses, temporary diseases, etc.)
  • When he is tired (after training, after another clash, a run, etc.)
  • When he is disadvantaged (multiple opponents, armed aggressors, etc.)
  • When he is under stress (under direct / indirect threatening, etc.)
  • When he is not completely shiny (under the effect of medicines, in the middle of the night, etc.)
  • When he is taken by surprise (by an acquaintance, an animal, etc.)

How can a practitioner be always ready to face a fight?

The only way to always have at least a chance to survive is to bring to the highest levels:

  • Preparation – Mental and physical workout (conditioning, technique, strategy, tactics, sparring, not predetermined simulations, etc.)
  • Discipline – Daily refining and constant expansion of acquired skills / knowledge (in view of increasingly prohibitive scenarios)
  • Concentration – The instance of the acquired physical and mental abilities (the synthesis derived from what we have learned and its adaptation to the, always different, contexts)

What we have to understand is that:

  • The ability to fight (even only in middle-level circumstances) cannot be acquired easily or quickly – It is a difficult path that requires sacrifice and dedication (even the “tricks” we talk about in self-defense section will come to fruition only if they will be supported by a solid and constant training)
  • In any case, nothing can assure us victory – The more the psychophysical disadvantages are high, the more the possibility to prevail drastically decreases (6 Dragons Kung Fu’s concepts give us only a chance, a chance that, otherwise, we would not have)

After this introduction, in the next article of this series, we will analyze more concretely the 6DKF’s method to face psychological limitations (read Always be ready to fight: the mind), the physical ones (read Always be ready to fight: the body) and finally, we will expose a “quick guide to action”.

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