How to acquire the Soft Touch skill

What is the Soft Touch in 6 Dragons Kung Fu?

The Soft Touch is the capability to instinctively regulate the type of “state” of our body structure (solid, liquid, etc., read 6DKF’s interactions: from the strong blow to the light touch) and the intensity of the contact with an element of the fighting scenario. It could be with:

When a practitioner gains this skill, he becomes able to do things like:

  • Manage the contact with otherwise very dangerous objects to handle (eg. sharpen objects)
  • Preserve the integrity of delicate elements of the scenario (eg. a body limb, a glass, etc.)
  • Distribute weight and resistance during an impact (it is a full body capability)
  • Reduce the incidence of the opponents’ blows (eg. accompanying it)
  • Cancel the damage of accidentally self-inflicted blows (eg. as a result of errors in manipulating a martial weapon)
  • Catch a small flying piece of paper

This attitude can be mastered at different levels and even the beginners should rapidly start to become familiar with it.

A note by Master Kongling – We have not invented anything, indirectly, similar kind of mechanics are present in many other good quality martial arts (Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Systema, etc.): in 6DKF we are only trying to deepen its application (and the result that I can see with our students is that it really takes their quality of preparation it to the next level, I am so proud of you all).

How to acquire the Soft Touch skill

The first thing to know is that the Soft Touch is a commingling of:

Now that we have understood what are the compositive parts of the Soft Touch, let’s see, practically, how to build this skill.

The truth is that almost every exercise helps but if we have to choose the most effective practices we cannot mention (in order of study):

  1. The fabric cloth exercise (read Basic tools: the cloth)
  2. The hanging speedballs exercise (read Basic tools: the Hanging Speedball)
  3. The pencil dexterity exercise (read A pencil dexterity exercise for the use of knife)
  4. The ring manipulations (read The exercise with the plastic or rattan ring)
  5. The dynamic water bottle (read Advanced exercises: the dynamic water bottle)
  6. Focused sparring(read Sparring type 1: slow motion fighting)

A note by Master Kongling – It is not possible to assess precisely the necessary time but for the first basic results, we should work for about 2 years (this is what I generically see). After that, even not focusing our workout solely on the Soft Touch development, the improvement is almost automatic (when the body is calibrated, the conditioning is mostly mental and passive).

In the future, we will add more exercises but for now, this is more than enough: the quality of the result is in our hands (concentration, preparation, discipline).

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