How to achieve our goals in life and in martial arts

To get to the other side of a ravine, sometimes we need to walk slowly, sometimes tu run, sometimes to jump, sometimes to change course.

If the canonical method (slow walking) cannot help us to achieve a goal, the fastest way to get there is to vary the approach. To obstinate to repeat the same method is wrong and can stretch or even block our evolutionary path.

Here are the 3 alternative ways to gain results in the 6DKF (as in life, as in martial arts):

  • Take a step back, breaking the elements that make up what we want to learn in small groups more accessible and achieving them individually
  • Take a step forward, trying to learn what comes after what we are studying to get an overview or simply a “different” vision
  • Change (temporary) the path, leave aside what slows us down and learn other things that, one day, will give us the mental basis to gain what in the past was trouble

Some examples:

  • Take a step back, if we can not clear our mind in meditation, we may need to first learn to focus on some pacific images, sounds, odors, etc.
  • Take a step forward, if we can not effectively use the knife, we might want to try using a sword to understand the dynamics of an object in which the stresses are much more recognizable (because longer and heavier)
  • Changing the road, if we can not effectively manage the flow of the Dragon Motion may be useful to shift our attention to some other thing in order to leave our mind free to think (subconsciously) about our mistakes and come back at a later time (with a “resetted mind”) where we were stranded

Everyone has weaknesses and strengths that, alternately, slow down or speed up our learning processes, the only thing we have to insist, our only constant has to be the discipline, this will force us to continue even when all seems lost, impossible or too far away from us.

Preparation, discipline, concentration.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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