Forget everything you know about multiple opponents fighting

A mini-guide about multiple opponents fighting

Before starting:


  1. How to fight with more than one opponent at the same time – A distinctive line between reality and fantasy
  2. Fight with multiple opponents: the different types – Not all the opponents are equal, not all the situation are the same
  3. Practical advice on how not deal with multiple opponents – The biggest error that you can make dealing with multiple adversaries
  4. Practical advice on how to deal with multiple opponents – A few useful tips about how to address a clash against more than one person
  5. How to face multiple opponents: movement and distance – The only way to survive is to correctly manage the space of the fighting scenario
  6. Face multiple opponents: environment and attackers – Not all the scenarios are the same, its elements (aggressors, inanimate elements, etc.) can drastically change our perspectives
  7. Fight with multiple opponents: attack and defense techniques – What kind of tactical choices we can make to try to save our life
  8. Face more than 1 opponent at the same time: final tips – A few conclusive ideas, thoughts and tips about how to manage more opponents at the same time
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How to increase the chances of surviving:

The most effective exercises for multiple opponents combat:

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Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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