Find the maximum speed that we can express

If calibrated with our technical level and our awareness, speed is a powerful ally in combat, it allows us to:

  • Speed up our mind and then the rapid reasoning
  • Confusing our opponents making difficult to intercept and break our rhythm
  • Run multiple defensive and attack actions in the same time frame

Even if the use of speed is not always an automatically optimal choice it is equally true that if we do not get used to manage it, apply it and endure it, it will be easy to become booty of those who are able to manage it (eg. a boxer).

Training ignoring this factor means managing situations inevitably simpler or purely didactic; for this reason in 6DKF we involve the use of the maximum speed (directly or indirectly) in almost every training session.

In this regard we will see some specific exercise that will open us the doors to the use of our maximum fighting speed as well as the possibility of increasing it. Before starting, however, it is essential to make some fondamental premises to protect our integrity:

  • The exercises that involve high speed of movement (from the simpler to the more complex) should be performed only after extensive heating, stretching and other intense practices
  • At the first sign of discomfort, the first abnormal signal on any part of the body, the practice should be stopped and can be resumed only after the number of days needed to complete recovery the affected limbs
  • The maximum speed, especially if we are not athletically fit (or a little ‘getting on in years), should not be achieved at once but only after more and more controlled sessions
  • Except for who enjoys a perfect shape, exercises that relate to the pure and continuous expression of the highest speed we can reach (such as those that we will analyze) should be performed with at least one day away from each other
  • The exercises we are going to list are incremental, but the transition to the more “intense” does not exclude the practice of the others, each of them has specific purposes and interconnected with the others

In the next article we will describe the first exercise designed to find, stabilize and spread as much as possible to the rest of the body the maximum speed that we can express.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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