Find effective aerodynamic trajectories

Every human body expresses its own potential at the same time in a similar and different from all the others way.

As we have already had occasion to say, in a fight no matter how we are quick to move but how we are fast to execute effective techniques, the 6DKF therefore insists on two aspects:

  • The correct use of our own means, those that can not be changed (eg. bone structure)
  • Continuous improvement of what we can train (eg. explosive power)

Performing a specific technique, in terms of aerodynamic of fighting, each of us will reach a different result because the factors that go to affect our performance are many:

  • Length of the limbs
  • Natural body flexibility
  • Weight and its distribution
  • Mental arrangement

If our psychophisical structure is similar to the one of the founder of the martial art that we are practising we will be in condition to be near to his performance, in all the other cases we will probably express a lower level of effectiveness (99% of cases).

To unleash our maximum power / speed we must learn to choose our aerodynamic paths, personal paths, paths that we will find and adapt and improve only with time and years of practice.

Technique and practitioner’s body has not to be separate elements, we must find the right connection. In our body and in our mind is already written the 50% of our style.

Our body must be studied in depth because the techniques that we will learn will be assigned to him and him only. As we improve we will be able to enlarge more and more our technique, but the basic principle to be followed is the expressable quality and not the quantity.

A good exercise is to find the right trajectories is “find your own speed”:

  • We need a large space, free of dangerous obstacles
  • Let’s extensively do stretching and warming
  • We have to leave the body very soft and relaxed
  • Let’s choose the part of our body that we think we can move faster
  • No matter whether big or small, major or minor
  • We have to start to move that part of our body cyclically and as faster as we can
  • From that part gradually we have to synchronize the rest of the body at his own pace
  • We must get to move / rotate / twist everything at the best speed we can express
  • It does not matter if our movements will appear uncoordinated, “epileptics” and totally ineffective
  • Let’s perform the exercise for 10 consecutive minutes without interruption
  • A music with a very fast and intense pace can help

The first few times we will have ample pains all over the body for the next days (even though we are pretty fit), this kind of practice executed in the right way put under strain muscles that normally we rarely move.

As we take confidence with the exercise we will become faster and faster, we can increase the difficulty and aim for more ambitious objectives:

  • Find the most effective paths (fast, powerful, non-dispersive, etc.)
  • Perform techniques of attack / defense gradually more articulated
  • Hit targets (for more experienced practitioners only, the force that we are going to unleash is very high and the risk of fractures, sprains, etc. is high)

Let’s do not expect to find our own right paths prior of some years of practice. In the next article we will discuss how to mechanize the movements within our muscle memory.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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