Fasting once a month

Before entering the topic it is very important to say two things:

  • It is not good to play with feeding, it is very easy to lose control and come to pathological tendencies
  • Every choice as to our diet has to be taken with awareness, moderation and by mutual agreement with our family doctor
  • This article is aimed at people between 18 and 55 years in excellent psychophysical condition

Once a month the practitioner can choose to stop to eat for 24 consecutive hours (during which it is obligatory to take plenty of water). This practice has basically two purposes:

  • Learn to use our willpower to develop discipline
  • Allow the body to regenerate itself and to do not lose power without eating

The first objective is to recognize and rationally dominate the feeling of appetite. The “test” does not end after 24 hours because if we resist for one day but the next day we eat twice we have not strengthened our discipline, we have weakened it: the following day our diet must go back to being the same as always (nothing more, nothing less).

The second objective is connected as well as to the wisdom of the past even to the most current scientific research that illustrate how beneficial is a periodic fasting (let’s repeat, if done in a controlled manner, for a very short time).

These theories are based on the fact that the human being is born (like any other animal) as a hunter and gatherer, its metabolism (the result of a long natural selection) allows him to adapt and survive even in times of wide shortage of food resources.

It appears in fact that deceiving the body this way (simulating the start of a famine) favors the elimination of harmful cells and the preservation of the healthy ones. The firsts become overactive and are sacrificed, the others raise their defenses and become “quiescent”; the result that follows is equivalent to induce the cells that undermine our health and our well-being to “suicide”.

Needless to say that, if the fasting continues beyond the initial adjustment time, the body is exposed to a very strong risk of severe wasting.

There are several ways to develop a good self-control, this is just one of many. If we have a tendency to fast (in direction of anorexia, etc.), choose to fast does not mean to have discipline, it means not having it at all.

We emphasize, finally, that the practice of fasting is not compulsory. This is a subjective choice to be weighted with extreme caution (to be avoided in all ways in cases of physical problems and especially mental).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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