Deception and brain waves

Although we often do not realize it, our mind never works at the same pace: at the variation of needs and /or resources at its disposal (genetic and / or present) it uses different types of brain waves.

Our brain continues, in short, to jump up and down varying tirelessly waves that considers more appropriate to the situation; generalizing* a lot we could say that: the more a person is tired / relaxed more its frequencies are low, the more is active / stressed the more high they are.

Without going into technical details here are the frequencies, the relative range and the relative examples of activation (all comes from scientific measurements performed through electroencephalogram, once again there is nothing metaphysical):

  • Epsilon waves (0 to 0.5 Hz), death or apparent death
  • Delta waves (0.5 to 3.9 Hz), deep sleep
  • Theta waves (from 4 to 7.9 Hz), stages 1 and 2 of REM sleep (eg. dream)
  • Alpha waves (8 to 13.9 Hz), wakefulness with eyes closed (eg. before falling asleep)
  • Beta waves (14 to 30 Hz), the normal state of consciousness (eg. normal talking)
  • Gamma waves (30 to 42 Hz), high and elaborative attention (eg. reading this article)
  • Hyper gamma waves (42 to 100 Hz), extreme brain activity (eg. mental imbalances)
  • Lambda waves (100 to 200 Hz), cerebral hyperactivity (eg. stimulation limit)

At each frequency corresponds a given state of attention, concentration, processing, and critical thinking skills to external stimuli:

  • In the low frequencies the mind works freely and indulges to the wildest fantasies (eg. the forbidden dreams that we do not remember), and at the same time, it can be deceived / conditioned very easily (eg. dipping an hand of a a person in theta waves in warm water, causes the effect of forced urination, something that would never happen in a state of full consciousness)
  • In the higher frequencies the mind analyzes everything that happens, doubts, compares, thinks and eventually puts some blocks to what it can not handle; it is natural and obvious that in this range the deception is much more difficult

Why do we speak about these things? Understanding the connection that exists between the perception of a sentence (or an attack) and the state where we will find our opponent will allow us to choose what type of tactic, which “distraction” to use to reach our goal.

Specifically we are interested in switching between beta waves, alpha and theta, delta waves affect us little, gamma waves are what we must avoid (hyper gamma, lambda or epsilon are very rare).


  • Alpha waves are emitted by our brains constantly during a proper meditation
  • Meditation can make up for any hours of sleep not taken / lost
  • Alpha waves make so that our cerebral hemispheres equilibrate producing intuition and creative thinking
  • In general* we could say that the intuitive / creative people travel very low frequency, the most rational people / schematic on high frequencies
  • The deep hypnosis (theta waves) opens the door to the most inaccessible levels of the human mind and allows you to tamper with things like basic behaviors, attitudes and natural personal integrity (elements normally difficult to reach even by the person itself in conscious phase)

In the next article we will show the honeycomb structure.

* We don’t like to generalize. Each time that we generalize something, we lose something and we hide important exceptions / details.

Author: Master Kongling

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