Corona Virus? Ok, I train from home

Kung Fu can beat Corona Virus

We must learn to make the best even in the worst moments; this situation that sees the world in the grip of the Corona Virus (read COVID-19 for more information) can be an opportunity to:

  • Change our lives
  • Start a different path

And Kung Fu can be the answer.

What to do if the risk of infection prevents us from leaving our house?

These are 2 possibilities that 6 Dragons Kung Fu offers to face this crisis:

A few things to reflect on

Preparation, discipline and concentration. Real Kung Fu borns within us and all we need is our will to develop it at the highest levels.

Let’s do not allow external factors to control our lives. This is the occasion to check, to understand if we are able to be resilient.

This pandemic will certainly end soon but in the meantime, we will have learned to train every day, regardless of:

  • Training partners
  • The availability of equipped spaces
  • Live instructors
  • Travel times

Now we probably have even more time at our disposal, so, the choice is ours:

  • We can let ourselves to be overwhelmed by the events or we can react and turn the negative into positive
  • We can let ourselves rot in front of the television / computer (being scared by every Corona Virus related news) or start building something great for our body and our mind

Is it really possible to study Kung Fu from a distance?

Yes, we have a lot of students from all over the world (read Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?).

For this small period of time, we can even avoid working with a training partner to focus on the basic awakening and / or conditioning of our body.

There are so many things to cure in terms of martial growth that for a few months we can certainly limit even only on solo training.

Take this opportunity: your legend starts now.

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  • Will you accept this challenge?

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