Convert into training targets “each” kind of object

Not always we have the physical (eg. during a trip) or economic (professional punching bags and wooden dummy are expensive) opportunity to be able to train against something to hit at full power.

In this article we see a very very simple trick to turn every pole, beam, column, pillar, tree or other in an effective training target.

Method 1. Even without conditioning (hands, feet, knees, etc.), let’s see in a really trivial way to hit a hard surface:

  • Let’s find a cloth (eg. a sweatshirt), an extensive towel or other rags that develop in length
  • Let’s make sure that the fabric is not too thin or excessively damaged
  • Let’s fall back several times the fabric in the direction that allow to reach the maximum length
  • Let’s wrap multiple layers of fabric around our pillar, maybe at various heights (to simulate head, abdomen, legs, etc.)
  • Let’s put particular attention to the edges and to very uneven surfaces
  • Let’s make a knot on the side that we do not want to hit

Method 2. An alternative solution, just as easy is the following:

  • Let’s take some pieces of fabric a bit ‘smaller / thinner than the previous (but very long)
  • Let’s wrap our hands / feet several times and in a very firm / strong way
  • Let’s make sure we have our hands well covered in the points with which we want to hit
  • Let’s fix the knots on the wrists / ankles or the back of the hand / foot
  • In the case of the hands, if the fabric does not allow for knots we can simply use the closure of our fist as fixing

In both cases, we can replace the fabric with strong and flexible plastic parts, with ropes (or with what we have).

These “tips” are useful to:

  • Who wants to start a minimum of conditioning
  • Who has not had a chance to get more appropriate tools
  • Who wants to practice creatively on unusual targets

Finally, it should be said that in both cases before hitting at full power (eg. a wall):

  • Let’s make sure to have the right precision, technical skills and minimal conditioning to deliver full power shots without harming our body (wrists, elbows, ankles, etc.), it is absolutely not obvious
  • Let’s make sure that we have properly fixed the fabric in stable way
  • Let’s do not give the maximum power immediately, we have to increase gradually
  • If we feel pain or any kind of discomfort we must stop immediately (damage our body does not lead to any result)

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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