Conditioning to pain: an introductory exercise

The first contact with the conditioning to pain must be very gentle, we must not do anything that harms us or just leave on our body any kind of sign / feeling.

A good introductory exercise is to slap our body:

  • We have to slap our body (from toe to head)
  • We must do not leave uncovered parts, we have to cover the entire body surface
  • Let’s hit with rhythmic cadence at half-second intervals
  • The first times we do not hit 2 times in a row the same point
  • If we have never done anything like this we must learn to dose the force as much as we can (let’s go gentle)
  • Depending on the point that we strike we must exercise more or less power
  • Let’s pay attention to sensitive parts like ears (let’s skip them for now), neck, eyes and genitals
  • Let’s perform the exercise for 10 minutes
  • If we find any kind of unusual sensation we have to immediately stop

This kind of exercise helps us to know at the same time:

  • Our strength and what kind of control we have over it
  • The strength that we are able to express in unfavorable positions
  • The weak and strong areas of our body and therefore the opponent’s ones
  • The areas where we will identify pressure / pain points

In this first phase we shall do not release power and so there isn’t a real conditioning to resistance to pain, it is an exploration of our body.

We have to be patient.

Given that the conditioning exercises should never be made 2 days in a row, we can gradually give greater emphasis to the strength after 5-6 sessions. Let’s never forget, however, that this exercise must be performed:

  • Gradually, patiently and with intelligence
  • With an increased in intensity only after learning to preserve the delicate areas of our body
  • With the idea of strengthening our body and never damage it
  • With the idea of being able to deal with a confrontation just after

In the next article we will see a second type of conditioning a bit ‘more intense. All the 6DKF’s conditioning exercises are not mandatory but they are important if we truly want to learn to fight in a real situation (in no fighting we will end completely unscathed).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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