Concentration: reason and instinct

During any type of combat (real, sporty, etc.) the most important thing is to keep a constant concentration. Our mind must at the same time be cleansed from all thoughts and focused on what is best to do.

The keys to the effective management of a clash are:

  • Imprevedibility (through reason)
  • Naturalness (through instinct)

As we have already said, by itself, unpredictability is slow and likewise, naturalness, alone, is predictable. We have to use:

  • The projective reason for giving each time the right initial tactical input
  • The executive instinct to put the plan into practice in the best possible way

Reason allows complex tactics to be worked out, but it is the instinct who must adapt them in real time (fractional seconds) to the unpredictable changes of combat.

It is also important to stress that all this must happen in absence of any intrusion of the opponent in the decision-making process; we have to read the scenario (environment, positions, times, etc.) and in no case who is facing us should have the opportunity to impose his own game (rhythm, direction, weight distribution, etc.).

The secret of the 6DKF to do not allow the opponents to intermit into tacticals decisions (with faints, provocation, routing, etc.) is to abstract the clash to a purely mental state.

It is not easy to reach and maintain such a state of detachment (due to pain, effort, fear, etc.) but if we succeed, nothing will be able to stop our maximum martial expression.

After this introduction, in the next article in this series, we will look in detail what this kind of abstaction means and how to face a fight with the right mental attitude.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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