Body control: the cold is just a feeling

When our health is good and environmental scenarios are not extreme, our body is able to manage their own temperature burning calories (available and / or in excess).

External corrective actions (excess clothing, forced temperature changes, etc.) damage and inhibit the defense / survival mechanisms of human being (the result of a million years of evolution).

Here are the 4 necessary steps to activate our “cold resistance”:

  • Overcoming the psychological block (which brings us closer to the heat and takes us away from the cold)
  • Overcoming the social block (the imposition of the link between cold, danger and disease)
  • Overcoming the physical block (separate the discomfort from the real damage)
  • Overcoming the limits of our body heat production (take control)

This is a skill that must be recovered and expanded gradually and sensibly, giving day by day more and more confidence to our body.

In terms of martial arts the detachment that enables us to overcome the common cold tolerance limit is given by the voluntary choose to produce heat (or energy, or Qi, as we want to call).

Before to access to the voluntary control phase we must ensure that our mind will allow our body to express its best and in the right way (we already have an advanced self-management system).

In the next articles we will deepen the question and we will see, step by step, how to put our mind in a safe growth condition.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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