Basic warm-up

Warm-up: how to heat our body for training

Without any pretense of completeness, in this article, we want to share a basic full body soft warm/up session ideal for 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

Important premises:

  • This kind of practices are good for beginner / intermediate level practitioners before starting a normal workout (before a small stretching, read How to correctly perform stretching and Basic soft stretching)
  • For advanced / expert level practitioners and / or athletes we will see something more intense in future articles
  • Every kind of warm-up exercise involves more than a single muscle / muscular groups (the subdivisions in this guide are purely organizational)
  • To know how to properly perform the exercises we are going to describe refer to the article How to correctly perform warm-up (safety, times, common errors, effectiveness, etc.)
  • Depending on what we are going to do let’s give more importance to the muscle groups specifically involved in the activity we want to perform after
  • If we have already passed the body awakening phase of 6DKF (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///) we can do these exercises

Legs (hips, etc.) exercises

Arms (shoulders, etc.) exercises

  • Abdominal pressure – From standing, let’s rapidly hit with our tight fingers our abdominals (100-200 times, covering the entire muscular surface);  let’s hit from a good distance, involving as much as possible our entire arms; the more we are able to resist and to hit strong them more this exercise becomes a conditioning method (let’s be gradual, pain should be avoided, read Physical conditioning: how it works)
  • Vibrations – The 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s vibration practice is a training method created for speed development (read Speed: the vibration’s exercise); in its most complete version it should not be performed as a warm-up but lowering the intensity it is possible (25-50 vibrations)
  • Sequences of punches (without target) – We can throw free or defined sequences of punches (even running) but never with full power or elongation (10-25 for each, read How to punch (simple explanation))
  • Arms rotations – From a standing position we have to simply rotate our straight arms backward and frontally (20-50 rotations, with all the possible variations, more about this later)

Hands (fingers, etc.) exercises

  • Wrist shaking – We have simply to shake with a gradually increasing speed our wrists, closing each time the fingers to simulate a rapid grab motion (25-50 times)
  • Finger opening – We basically have to rapidly open and close our fists (25-50 times, read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///)

Final notes

It is fundamental to stress that:

  • As 6DKF teaches, most of the exercises can be performed in combination with others, this way we do not waste our precious training time (read Optimizing the available time)
  • These warm-up exercises do not include particular elongations, stretching is the subsequent step of a well-planned training session (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///)
  • This is not a warm-up nor a stretching for 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s advanced practitioners but can be performed as a variant of more intense practices
  • There are a lot of other exercises complementary and alternatives to these ones (with future tutorials we will be more specific)
  • With these exercises, we do not directly gain specific skills but they are fundamental to obtain them
  • Not always is necessary to perform all of this exercises, warm-up intensity and duration should always be calibrated in relation to the duration and level of training sessions

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Reply in the comments and share your experience:

  • How do you feel after warm-up?

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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