At the base of each weapon: the short stick

At the base of each weapon is the rigid short stick, in 6DKF we can not master practically nothing (neither weapons, nor our arts) before we’ve learned the natural mechanics behind this foundamental tool.

In 6DKF the short stick is important, we must learn to use it as if it were a part of our body, it gives us the groundwork to use weapons proper and improper, rigid and flexible, as internal and external:

  • Swords, knives, etc.
  • Tubes of iron, pieces of wood, etc.
  • Nunchaku, 3 sections stick, etc.
  • Arms, legs, etc.

Although we will use a lot of different types of instruments, our short staff must:

  • Having a variable length between 65cm and 100cm (ideally 70cm)
  • To have a diameter between 3.5cm and 2cm (the ideal is 2.5cm)
  • A weight between 250g and 600g (a katana, to have a comparison, weighs between 700g and 1300g)
  • Of a strong and rigid material (wood or metal)
  • The surface must be as smooth and regular as possible (our hands have to slide around)
  • The shape must be cilidrica and balanced (the weight must be as much as possible evenly distributed)

We can buy a stick of this type (or rather, a pair of identical sticks) in any shop diy / gardening, if not perfectly within the parameters do not go crazy, we modify it or let’s keep it as it is (it’s important that we give the idea such as a machete, a wakizashi or a ninja to and not of an halberd or other, for instance).

There is no reason, in the initial phase, to spend money buying professional iron-wood sticks (especially since we want to learn to use all types of weapons with similar shape).

Note: if we want our sticks last longer, we can cover them with that very resistant gray scotch.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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