An exercise to learn to throw darts

The best way to master a weapon is always to starting with a “substitute” less functional and less dangerous. In this particular case we want to exercise the skills of throwing generic darts (let’s imagine little metal sticks, darts, throwing knives, etc.).

The type of launch we want to learn in this exercise is linear, at close range and without rotation (it is a preliminary exercise, we do not go into technical aspects, the goal is to get to grips with the idea of launching).

The exercise:

  • Launch long pointy pencils or little wooden sticks (carving the tip) on a polystyrene panel (preferably rather compact)
  • The goal is to be able to stick the sticks in the polystyrene panel (fast launching without taking aim)
  • The idea of the exercise is to develop the ability to slide the dart along the hand and learn to “switch off” when the target trajectory is more favorable
  • We must start from a distance of 1m and turn away when we growth in ability
  • The difficulty is that the lightness of the wooden darts forces us to throw in the best ways to make them arrive with peak and not from side

Variants and difficulty increase:

  • We can also attach a printed target on a sheet but, for the moment, this is secondary
  • When a dart does not stick and we have no other in our hands, let’s blend to collect those lost (let’s completely bend our knees to the bottom and fast return in position)
  • When we gain some skills, to create a more efficient operation, we can run, roll on the ground and launch

Needless to say, with a long, balanced, sharp as a razor metal dart the launch is much easier but this exercise is just to learn how to throw with accuracy and power for achieving the best results in terms of penetration, control of trajectory and technique.

How to throw and what to focus our attention:

  • Our hand must be open, the dart must be parallel to our fingers and positioned between index and middle finger
  • The thumb should support the dart and then help him to leave at launch (without interfering)
  • The tip of the dart must be aligned with our fingers without going out them (this allows us to longer slide the dart on our hands)
  • At the moment we do not give specifications on the arm movement, let’s choose what we look more comfortable / consonant (side, bottom, etc.), we’ll see a more technical method of launch in future (legs, foots, shoulders, waist, etc.)
  • The launch is performed by sliding / scrolling the dart in direction of the target
  • The direction that our dart will follow depends largely on the moment when we let him go, let’s focus mainly on this
  • The dart follows a trajectory much more “straight”, the more our movement is safe, armonious and free of vibrations
  • A good launch must be precise and quick, we have to focus on the target and instinctively reach in time to an inhalation-exhalation
  • A good launch must be fairly powerful (we’re not playing, we are fighting), the level of penetration of a dart gives us the extent of the damage they will do and the obstacles exceeded without losing the parable of launch

Let’s practice every day with the darts, just a dozen of shots are enough to keep body and mind used to the idea of launching.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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