An exercise for balance with medicine ball

A good exercise to learn how to distribute our weight dynamically is this one:

  • Let’s take a medicine ball (minimum 5 kg)
  • Let’s position the ball on a flat surface, smooth and resistant (our weight + the ball)
  • Let’s take a chair with the backrest and let’s position it in front of the ball
  • With the help of the chair let’s climb with both feet on the ball
  • Let’s position a foot at the top right and one on the left (not on the center)
  • When we found our stance let’s leave the chair
  • We have to try to manage our balance with the head and arms
  • We have to follow, limit and control unwanted ball rotations

Tips for first experiences and safety:

  • If we are not able to be in a stable equilibrium on one foot and fall without harm us do not even try to start this exercise
  • Before we start we have to do stretching and warming (especially knees and ankles)
  • We always need to keep in mind the possibility of falling (we need to to be ready to fall in the right way, otherwise we will damage our ankles)
  • We have to control breathing, we have to use soft and harmonious movements, let’s leave our weight on the ball without rigidity
  • The exercise can be performed for 5-10 minutes depending on how our body behaves (the tremors are yield signs)
  • At the beginning we will continue to fall, we do not have to be discouraged, let’s stand up and try again

Finally, a few variants for those who already have a very good balance and / or has already gained a certain familiarity with the exercise:

  • Stand on the ball without the help of the chair (low difficulty)
  • Do not look at the ball and to our feet (low difficulty)
  • Perform sequences of free punches while we’re on the ball (low-medium difficulty)
  • Perform free sequences with weapons while we’re on the ball (medium difficulty)
  • Perform sequences of free kicks while we’re on the ball (medium-high difficulty)
  • Walk / run on the ball (medium-high difficulty)
  • Perform whole forms of 6DKF or from other martial arts (high difficulty)

This type of training teaches us to recalibrate our balance every moment and instinctively. Let’s go gradual with the advanced variants, the risk of damage is very high.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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