An example of quick morning exercises

The best way to start a day is to perform a short sequence of awakening exercises.

Awakening of the mind (inspired by Shaolin):

  • Meditation by sitting (on our bed or on the floor)
  • 7 complete rotations to the right of the eyes closed
  • 7 complete rotations to the left of the eyes closed
  • 36 rubs with our bent index fingers and relative knuckles on our closed eyes
  • Opening of our eyes, get out of bed and drink a glass of natural water

Shots on a growing power stone, useful in developing traditional skills of Shaolin monks (eg. iron hand, diamond finger, etc.):

  • 50 strokes with the tip of index fingers against a wall
  • 50 shots with 5 fingers from above
  • 50 shots with his elbows from the top
  • 50 shots with the back of the hand from the top
  • 50 cutting shots from the top
  • 50 shots with the palm from the top
  • 50 shots with the palm from the top with a whip movement
  • 50 shots of the palm from the top at a distance equal to the length of the fingers

Awakening the body:

  • 20 slow push ups
  • 20 lifting of water buckets (from the hips up, arms outstretched)

6DKF’s forms:

  • Practice of one of the 6DKF’s forms (at the minimum possible speed)
  • Slow and harmonious practice of the exercise of the balls hanging on the bungee cords (holding a full cup of water, water should not fall)

This is not and does not replace a training session (minimum 2-3 hours), it is only a physical awakening appropriate to start our day positively and concentrated.

This is not a mandatory practice and varies, depending on the time available and the skills that we want to develop over time (years).

Over the next few articles we will explore the skills that for now we’ve only mentioned.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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