Always be ready to fight: the mind

As we have seen in the previous article of this series, the first challenge to be faced in order to be ready to face a combat in any time and in any conditions is to accept mentally the (sudden) idea of having to fight:

  • Why now?
  • Why against this adversary?
  • Why here?
  • How do I start?

When the peaceful options (we have already talked about) are over, our goal is:

  • To bring the mind to the absolute zero (let’s read the article “Become the absolute zero”); we must immediately eliminate questions, doubts, feelings, and sensations
  • To stop the fear, let’s leave the idea of getting out of this situation without getting hurt; let’s look at our opponent’s eyes as if we had nothing to lose, as if we and him were inanimate
  • To reflect our fears against who is facing us; we have to focus on what we risk and imagine that this happens to our opponent but in a much more serious / intense way
  • To bring to our mind visual projections of us prevailing on the opponent (easely, without him being able to oppose in any way)
  • To free us from the oppression of being tired, lazy, unprepared and concentrating on the fact of being at the most of our possibilities; we have to imagine our body as covered by a strong leather armor, our muscles fast, explosive and elastic like steel springs, our hands and foots solid like rocks, our reflexes running at the speed of light
  • To activate breathing and let Qi flow freely through our body warming it (or imagine that this happens for those who are not yet able to)

Even if these thoughs can seem crazy, when we are under tension our mind can be quickly addressed on aspects that give us strength, vigor and security, the only important thing is not to go through anger.

For all those who are not too prejudiced this methodology has an immediate effect (for many even now, reading) but a real mental preparation has to be buildt with the time (years).

We do not stop here, the next article will expose which bases we must lay as foundations of this aptitude.

Author: Master Kongling

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