Advanced exercises: the swivel hanging stick

A good exercise to train our reflexes is to hang a stick to an elastic rope and fight with him; the goal is to hit without being hit but at any impact the stick will “react” by attacking with the end opposite to that which we pushed.

The basic idea is that of the swivel puppet (the so-called Saracino) but not only extended to the X axis, also to the Y and Z axis with the variant of rebound.

Here are some important tips about this exercise:

  • The exercise is not recommended for those who have started training a short time (at least 1 year of training)
  • It’s important to make sure that the stick remains hanging in perfect balance (for example if we have a wooden stick, we can smooth the middle of the stick so as not to move the node)
  • At the beginning it is best to stick with the stuffing material that absorbs any impacts
  • Until we understand how we should position ourselves, we try to strike plan
  • We have to move quickly, to turn around the target, do not stand still, the more we become skilled more we must move near him
  • We have to fast hit, to channel, to skip and to return the “attack” of the stick but without stopping him or stopping us
  • If at the ends of the stick we put some hitters or gloves, the exercise becomes slower and less dangerous
  • The greatest danger is receiving blows in the eyes and face, let’s always protect ourselves
  • We can strike with all parts of the body (knees, shoulders, hands, foots, etc.)
  • More we strike hard and fast more the motion of the stick becomes violent and unpredictable (it will regulate itself to our skill level)
  • If the stick is not padded we must be able to perform the “soft shot” (more on this later), otherwise we will hurt our hands and wrists
  • If the stick is strong enough, the exercise can also be performed with any weapons but, this way, the difficulty increases exponentially (ideal for those who train at least from 2 years)
  • This exercise should be done in the middle of a training session, only when we are in good shape (concentration and spatial intelligence)
  • We must never distract us and we must never take my eyes from the stick
  • More the stick is hanged in a high place more its movement will be unpredictable

The hanging stick is not an impossible exercise, we just have to ensure we are able to stop it and above all not to let him achieve our weak points.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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