Advanced exercises: the dynamic water bottle

A very interesting exercise (not for beginners) to develop the ability to grab / catch / dodge / manage human limbs is the 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s Dynamic Water Bottle training.

This evolution of the fabric cloth practice (read Basic tools: the cloth) is a workout that implies:

  • A considerable speed and accuracy (spatial intelligence)
  • A basilar knowledge of the “soft touch” (more about this later) or a middle level resistance conditioning
  • At least a middle level grip / grab conditioning
  • A lot of practice with the fabric version

In absence of these requirements the exercise is almost useless and potentially dangerous (a bottle of water when clashes at high-speed on our hands could cause some damage to those who are not conditioned and / or enough reactive).

The exercise:

  • Let’s take a strong plastic bottle of mineral water (1.5 liter is fine)
  • The bottle must be whole, intact and unopened (never use two times the same bottle)
  • As the version with the fabric we have to hit / throw / recover the bottle with kicks, punches, forearms, etc.
  • We can hit it, grab it, rotate it, support it, push it but never stop it
  • The idea is to control and dominate the violent motion of the bottle without allowing it to fall
  • Do not forget that we are fighting, our shot / parry / etc. must be effective, not acrobatic (we are not juggling)
  • The exercise to be useful needs to be performed at a remarkable speed
  • We have to try to put ourselves in difficulty rather than facilitate us (let’s move, jump, rotate, crouch down, etc.)


  • Especially at the beginning we can perform the exercise standing in front of a mattress and using only our arms
  • As an alternative (to change the dynamics of the bottle) we can empty the water by 50%, this makes it more unpredictable but more easy to manage in terms of weight
  • If our ability transcends the use of a single bottle we can also use 2 simultaneously (extremely hard)

The benefits associated with this exercise are endless:

  • First of all the fact of handling (at remarkable speed) something that has an unstable weight (due to the liquid inside) and which is strongly attracted to the ground by the force of gravity
  • Secondly the fact that the bottle effectively simulates the mass and the volume of an human arm or leg

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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