A breathing exercise to develop the 6DKF’s muscle chain

The exercise we are going to describe has the objective to unleash the power of the muscle chain of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu in an effective, natural and especially instinctive way (just as we do when we breathe).

The goal is to connect one by one all the parts of our body starting from breathing (in particular from exhalation).

Let’s see how:

  • Let’s inhale a smaller quantity of air
  • Let’s exhale rapidly and continuously, throwing off small quantities of air
  • Who see us should have the sensation we are only exhaling
  • We do not have to force us or remain without oxygen
  • While we breathe we have to contract and release the abs to the beat
  • While we contract the abs, let’s hurl a fist with the open hand (not rigid)
  • The shot must be synchronous and cover a distance of a few centimeters
  • Let’s imagine to feel a connection between the parts that we are synchronizing
  • Let’s imagine to feel within us an explosion that pushes the impact force out of our body
  • Let’s leave the power free to propagate itself from internal to external (like a vibration)

Gradually after having successfully performed the basic exercise a lot of times, we can move to its evolutive elements:

  • Instead to practice synchronously let’s try to activate, starting from breath, our whole body in sequence (let’s imagine to create a wave)
  • Let’s try the synchronous and the sequential version in an increase and /or decrease of speed (let’s move our entire body)
  • Let’s lengthen the time of exercise execution

If done consistently over time this simple exercise will allow us to:

  • Use our body to attack / defend in a sequential or synchronous way (as needed)
  • Increase our breath and our lung capacity
  • Increase our reaction times
  • Increasing our speed and explosive power
  • Increase our ability to release power (Fa Jing)
  • Give us a quick fighting (or workout) rhythm
  • Condition our mind to connect the idea of fast breathing with the one of rapid fighting reaction
  • Start to become familiar with the control mechanisms of internal organs
  • Start to become familiar with the breathing attention typical of meditation
  • Start to become familiar with the management of the internal energy concept (Qi)

The gradualness is critical (we talk about months to see the first results and about years to gain the real power of muscle chain).

This slow growth helps not only the preservation of our muscles and internal organs but also our joints, in fact, the muscle chain (in its optimal version) develops a lot of power and if our body is not prepared to handle it, we risk damage, dislocations (etc.):

  • When we start we do not have to force our body, let’s keep less of 5 minutes of execution per day
  • When we perform the exercise we need to avoid inhaling too quickly, we may feel dizzy (especially using thoracic breathing)
  • If we experience unusual sensations or discomfort (even small), we have to stop exercising immediately

We’ve already said this but is better to repeat ourselves: these are “normal” body capabilities, there is no magic or mystic things, we believe only in what we’ve tested first-person.

In the next article of this series, we will see more clearly the sequential and synchronous concept of muscle chain.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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