6 Dragons Kung fu video courses: the poll

For the people who want some more in-depth visual explanations, we are thinking about the realization of some video courses but first, we need your opinion.

Choose the ones you like:

  • 6DKF’s fundamental training (fabric cloth, poles, etc.)
  • 6DKF’s Dragon Motion training (exercises, examples, applications, etc.)
  • 6DKF’s Contacts with the opponents (solid, liquid, elastic, etc.)
  • Basic 6DKF’s training organization (times, exercises, frequency, growth, etc.)
  • Basic 6DKF’s weapons training (proper, improper, rigid, flexible, etc.)
  • Basic conditioning for impacts training (active, passive, iron hand, etc.)
  • Basic flexibility training (splits, tendons mutations, elasticity, etc.)
  • Basic footwork training (pace, weight distribution, equilibrium, etc.)
  • Basic reflexes training (exercises, mind-body coordination, etc.)
  • Basic speed training (find your speed, vibrations, trajectories, etc.)
  • Basic power training (fa jing, vibrations, muscle chain, etc.)
  • Basic spatial intelligence training (spatial memory, senses, etc.)
  • Basic body control (Qi, breathing, relaxation, etc.)
  • Basic self-defense general (preparation, basic training, etc.)
  • Basic self-defense for anti-rape (prevention, reaction, tricks, etc.)
  • Basic kids training (development of fundamental skills, self-control, etc.)
  • Basic 6DKF’s techniques (kicks, punches, parries, etc.)
  • Basic Chin Na (theory, levers, trapping, etc.)
  • Basic ground fighting (mobility, positions, economy of effort, techniques, etc.)
  • Basic mind analysis (lie detection, body language, etc.)
  • Start training from zero (awaken the body, etc.)
  • 6DKF’s first basic form (stances, applications, routine, etc.)
  • 6DKF’s meditation methods (breathing, theory, concentration, etc.)
  • How to lose weight (diet, mind fortification, exercises, etc.)

Which 6DKF’s VIDEO COURSE would you be more interested in buying?
Tell us what do you think about voting our poll.

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Thank you, Master Kongling.

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