The 1st 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s donor: thank you

Thank you

I want to dedicate this article to the first donor (who preferred to remain anonymous) of 6 Dragons Kung Fu: it is thanks to people like you that I find the strength to devote, day by day, hours and hours of my life to the sharing of martial arts.

Sometimes there are people who put their hands in their wallets not just to buy new things. Money also serves to fuel the ideas and people you believe in, especially if these, in turn, can help you achieve what you want.

Thank you so much T.H. for your little but very precious support!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowdfunding service that allows you to monthly support authors, artists or other professionals who create and share valuable information, content or resources. Depending on the level of support received by each supporter, the authors offer extra content, access to reserved channels, and other benefits.

Why am I sharing my Kung Fu for free

A lot of masters do not like me because I have the “bad habit” to systematically share things that normally should be “hidden”, heavily paid and / or divided into years and years of watered-down courses.

This does not matter.

I do this because I find it more appropriate to share rather than keep everything secret:

I want Kung Fu to spread and evolve.

My project is to help those who want to follow a quality martial training but do not have the opportunity to regularly attend serious courses (or simply in the area where they live there are none).

I try to accomplish this goal by sharing courses, mini-guides, articles, and martial arts lessons on a daily basis.

My supporters (online and offline) are those people who truly love martial arts, who have drawn and benefit from what I share. They help me to do this impossible job, and I contribute to their martial growth by searching, creating and systematically sharing everything that can be useful.

What do you earn by helping me?

It depends. If you like what I share and what I do, this is an easy way to tell me “Thanks Master Kongling, I like what you do, and I want you to keep doing it.”

If then you need me:

  • To answer your questions and doubts
  • To see and correct your martial growth
  • To choose the right tools, exercises, etc.

This is your chance.

How to find out more?

You simply have to go to:

Thank you,
Master Kongling

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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