1 hour training session sample 4

An example of a novice daily session of 6DKF (1 hour, individual, without too specific tools / exercises):

  • 5 minutes of squats
  • 5 minutes of free ground movements (rotations, rollings, 4 limbs walking, etc.)
  • 5 minutes of shadow boxing (full body)
  • 5 minutes of alternate punches (in ma bu position)
  • 5 minutes of free flying kicks
  • 5 minutes of free Nunchaku dexterity training
  • 5 minutes of jumping against a rock wall (back, shoulders, etc.)
  • 5 minutes of long stick with the fabric cloth
  • 5 minutes of clinch and knees combinations
  • 5 minutes of arms manipulations of a football ball around our body (no grabbing, no hands)
  • 5 minutes of throw and recovery of a pen / pencil without making it falling (also with rotations)
  • 5 minutes of monkey’s run

This is a good training for who is starting to know the 6DKF, it is not dangerous and it does require a medium effort. Even this time we have not included too specific tools, only specific exercises (monkey’s run, etc.).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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