What we need to develop the overall view

The overall view is a skill of most of the animals (and one time instinctive / innate in humans); to awaken this ability we must:

  • Activate it always and in all circumstances (in this case to limit ourselves to periodic training is not sufficient, it is a very important practice and with a long period of “incubation”)
  • Learn to detach ourselves from our emotions and those of the people that are around us to enter (and become part of) the environment ourselves
  • Learn to defend ourselves instinctively and using reason only in terms of strategy (eg. we must not think about which technique to use, but to where we want to take our opponents through the flow of our tactics)
  • Acquire sufficient spatial intelligence, balance and spatial memory to automatically create a mental map of the environment, we must be able to move without difficulty / risks (even in steeper / bumpy grounds)
  • Learn to immediately distinguish what is part of the environmental background (eg. a pine cone falling from a tree) from that which does can be a threat or an opportunity (eg. the outline of a hand sticking out from behind a rock)
  • Learn to “complete” with our mind in the missing parts of what we see with no need to focus our attention (using an object’s location, size, shape, etc.)
  • Learn how to connect all of our senses in order to obtain automatic confirmation or adjustments about what we see (or about what we think to see)

As we develop these skills we will begin to grasp all those nature aspects that before we lost or simply gone unnoticed (insects on grass, quieter animals, money on the ground, etc.):

  • In a first step we will be alarmed for every little change that escapes our cognition
  • At a later time we will have an information overload and we will need to use reason to distinguish what is good from what is bad
  • After having stored all the most common visual cues, we will be alarmed only by the ones that we do not know
  • In the last phase our mind will instinctively discard any secondary element focusing only on what is truly relevant (leading back new situations to cases already known)

In the next article we will see specific exercises and a new way to position ourselves towards the environment in which we live.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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