The overall view: see everything, do not look at anything

As practitioners of 6DKF we must learn to see everything without looking at anything in particular, to grasp the details and anomalies so instinctive and in connection with the other senses.

For a warrior, the best way to keep under control a scenario is to use the overall view:

  • Both during a clash (with one and especially against multiple opponents)
  • Both in normal conditions (as for the already mentioned constant attention)

Basically our glance must be:

  • Tilted so as to collect as many useful details (usually about 45 downwards, so as to be able to widen our field of vision laterally and behind us)
  • Aligned so as to see just above the head of our opponents (this only if we are certain that there are no facilities / entity above us, for example in a open field)
  • If conditions permit, as stable as possible (if not freezed), more we are still, more we will see the micro-changes around us

Another huge advantage of the overall view is that it ease the difficult task of being inexpressive and do not to let show our moods:

  • In terms of stealth (to be quickly forgotten) in the eyes of our observers
  • In terms of fighting to do not reveal our intents and tactical interests (or worse the extent of the damages that we suffer)

Do not show emotions and gather valuable information of the environment of action is a skill that must be developed hand in hand and requires a lot of training. In the next few articles we will see what it takes to acquire this ability and some really useful exercises.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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