The concept of Dynamic Equilibrium

In 6 Dragons Kung Fu (like in Tai Chi) leaning, pushing and hitting are concepts that blend with each other continuously and the key ingredient that allows them to harmonize is the balance.

Before learning how to strike we must learn how to push, before learning how to push we must learn how to lean on.

In terms of mobility, it does not matter which of these interactions we want to undertake (or we have to suffer), nor with what we have to deal with:

  • With ourselves
  • With opponents
  • With a soil
  • With a wall
  • With an object

Whatever the situation, our objectives are always the same:

  • Cause the maximum disadvantage to the opponent, with the minimum effort / risk / damage
  • Reach, at the end of an effective action, a balanced position (in favor of the continuation of the struggle)
  • Express the full potential of our body (without wasting, dissipating the resources available)
  • Hide as much as possible our intentions and possibilities to the opponents

Whether we are motionless or moving with the opponent we must always master the space relationships with all the elements of the environment; to be able to gain this result we must learn:

  • To go beyond the limits that, in terms of balance, our body impose us instinctively (to go beyond our natural preservation of stability)
  • To rebalance voluntarily and continuously our body according to the needs
  • To replace instinctively our center of gravity with precision and speed when we lose the right support
  • To hide our alterations of stability to the opponents (to prevent the use of them against us)

Contrary to what we might think, a perfect mastery of stability does not allow us to do only passive things (as standing or moving more easily) but it is indeed a very strong incentive to our offensive capabilities and can help to enhance the effectiveness of our fighting tools (the muscle chain, the Dragons Motion, etc.).

In future articles, we will see some useful exercises to condition our body the dynamic balance of 6DKF.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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