The best way to hit first

Let’s imagine a (close quarter) personal defense situation where:

  • We are frontally standing against an aggressor
  • We have the hands resting in a normal way along our sides
  • Our opponent is really threatening us (eg. handling a baseball bat)
  • Our opponent is at a short distance away from us
  • The possibilities of peaceful resolution are exhausted (pacification, escape, etc.)

We are at risk of our safety and we must be able to defend ourselves before being hit, as soon as the aggressor in front of us starts to move.

The best way to hit first (eg. with a punch) is as follows:

  • Let’s relax our body
  • Let’s (legally) wait for the beginning of his attack
  • Let’s avoid any type of charge movement (even the smallest)
  • Let’s forget the surplus of power that can give us a proper breathing
  • Let’s mentally establish the shortest possible path between the position A of what we want to use to strike (eg. our fist) and our target B (eg. the neck of the aggressor)
  • Let’s start our attack in an explosive, direct and determined way from point A to point B
  • Let’s move on the side to add power to the shot and at the same time to dodge the attack of the opponent
  • Let’s do not move the rest of our body in any way (including eyes)
  • Let’s choose a sensitive and easy to reach target (eg. one eye)
  • Let’s imagine to strike beyond the point we’re targeting (this way we will hit harder and we will not lose it)
  • After our opponent is hit so unexpectedly, we will have time to execute other techniques (blocks, knees blows, etc.)
  • The clash is started, we must now continue with a sequence of combined attacks (without paying attention to the previous arrangements)
  • When the threat is ended we obviously must return to the peaceful options

Only in this way our opponent will have no perception of our reaction; otherwise, by using a normal techniquet (in the vast majority of cases) we would be affected first.

We have to do only this, nothing special, difficult, technical, athletic or other, this simple notion can make the difference ( in an extreme situation even between life and death).

In the next article of this series we will see the best way to defend us from a hurled attack, once again, from a short distance.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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