The 6 types of martial clash

Before starting we want once again to stress that the 6DKF does not like violence, do not like war. When we discuss these topics we talk only in terms of understanding and we never encourage the use of violence.

The use of violence is the worst human intellect defeat.

Said this, in the martial arts we can recognize, among the many shades, 6 basic types of clashes. Here they are (in order from the softest to the extreme one):

  • The exchange of declared techniques (as study/assessment, included for example in Karate)
  • The sparring (as training, included for example in Boxing)
  • The sportive fight (as competition, included for example in Judo)
  • Self-defense (as street survival, included for example in Krav Maga)
  • The martial clash (as a duel, as was once among practitioners of different styles of Kung Fu)
  • The war clash (like war or guerrilla war, as happened in Ninjutsu of feudal Japan)

In front of this distinction, it is interesting for us is to analyze the differences that exist between the various types of combat (with or without weapons) to:

  • Figure out how far we can push ourselves and where instead we must wisely stop
  • Understand with what spirit the martial clashes take place and were done
  • Understand that the careless use of violence aims gradually to a more and more negative conclusion
  • Understand the distance there is between the prevailing physically on an opponent within a defined context and doing it in a complete way

In the next articles, we will explore schematically and in parallel the various types of clashes.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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