Sparring type 1: slow motion fighting

The first type of sparring that we analyze is the slow-motion fighting. This kind of “clash” is the least dangerous, it favors technique, balance, tactics and strategy but completely excludes speed, stress, conditioning and power.

Let’s see what are the rules of this type of sparring.


  • Before touching we can move at the speed that we prefer
  • When we are in contact, all the movements are at “slow motion”
  • The “slow motion” speed must remain as much as possible constant
  • The movements must be fluid and precise, we can never stop
  • The combat must always be imagined as real
  • Who suffers the blows must honestly simulate the relative reaction
  • The battle can last more than 60 minutes (minimum 10 minutes)

What we can do:

  • We can touch the opponent but without any power / intensity
  • We can lead shots on pressure points (lethal, pain, etc.)
  • We can use punches, kicks, hands chains, projections, levers, constraints, etc. (in a very controlled way, no momentum)

What we cannot do:

  • We are not allowed to perform any kind of block parries
  • We may not use the force (we must accommodate the movements)
  • It is not allowed to bring any type of technique so as to cause damage
  • We cannot stop the flow of the fight until its end (even in error case)

Main objectives:

  • Learn to think quickly about what happens around us
  • Apply in a “realistic” way techniques otherwise too dangerous
  • Learn to use fluid movements such as those of the Dragon Motion (which we have already mentioned)
  • Learn to prevail through tactical and technical
  • Gain precision, body dislocation control and spatial intelligence
  • Learn to recognize good opportunity to prevail


  • No protection


  • Established the teams (eg. 1 vs 4) we can run a multiple clash
  • We can use training weapons (only if they are at the same time fully operational and completely harmless)
  • In the case of skill disparities, we can apply some handicap the more experienced practitioner (more about this later)


  • Doing only this type of sparring is useless, it should be combined with the other types
  • This kind of combat is good for the first approach to sparring

In future articles of this series, we will see the other types of training fights.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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