Small space 4 hours individual training session sample 1

An example of a daily individual session of 6DKF training performed in a small space (2x2m, 4 hours, without special / specific tools):

  • 10 minutes of body conditioning (hitting ourself with bare hands)
  • 10 minutes of abs (various)
  • 10 minutes of running (standing in place or going back and forward)
  • 10 minutes of belt free rotations / revolutions (let’s play attention to the ambient)
  • 10 minutes of fabric cloth training (arms only)
  • 10 minutes of fabric cloth training (legs only)
  • 10 minutes of fabric cloth training (arms and legs)
  • 10 minutes of dynamic manipuation of a chair (rotations, leave and grab, etc.)
  • 10 minutes of push-ups (various)
  • 10 minutes of flying kicks (various, also with rotations but from a standing position)
  • 10 minutes of (Wing Chun like) punches sequences
  • 10 minutes of fast parries arm against arm (softness and sensibility conditioning)
  • 10 minutes of knife fast and free manipulation
  • 10 minutes of various kind of balance standing positions (grabbing and strongly compressing 2 bottles of water)
  • 30 minutes of poles training (against any object of the ambient, calibrating each time power in relation to the object involved)
  • 10 minutes of throwing and flying recovering of a pen / pencil
  • 1 hour of 6DKF’s first form

This is a good training for who does not have space or special training tools or for who simply is far from home (hotel, workplace, etc.).

The level of this training is calibrated for every kind of 6DKF’s practitioners (eventually some things can be a little increased / decreased in difficulty), it is not too dangerous and it does not require an excessive effort.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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