Resume training after a period of inactivity

When we train a lot (more than 3 hours per day), to resume after a break of even one week can be problematic and very tiring. So here are some helpful tips:

  • The first thing to do is try to retrieve the training time and not the effort. If before we trained, for vexample, five hours a day we have to keep these times (albeit with very mild exercises, stretching, etc.)
  • With regard to the training effort, it has to be restored gradually in proportion to the time and the type of forced rest that we have endured (illness, vacation, etc.). It’s useless to destroy our body on the first day and then get stuck on the second
  • Let’s make attention with intensive efforts, breaking exercises and those that make extensive use of lung capacity, we must go step by step and learn about the current status of our body. Moreover, it is obvious to say, we have to avoid exercises that (potentially) include a safety hazard, do not forget that spatial intelligence is the first thing that falls during periods of inactivity
  • If possible and reasonable to do so (eg. if we are overweight) it is a good idea to try to lose 1-2kg; this will give us an extra sprint that will help us to bridge any muscle loss. Naturally we do not have to lose weight if we have already lost a lot, however we have to follow a proper and healthy diet
  • Let’s eliminate any idea of frustration. We have to focus the choice of the exercises on what we like by taking this “regression of skills” as an opportunity to review the technical details that before we overlooked. Let’s imagine this kind of “rehabilitation” as a review and a deepening, it can be an opportunity to see ourselves from a different point of view

By following these simple tips and controlling the signals that our body sends us we will return to growth in a short time.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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