Reflexes: the advanced pencil training

We have already talked about 6DKF’s pencil training (read the article “A pencil dexterity exercise for the use of knife”), let’s see now some more advanced versions of the same practice through some variations.

Variation 1:

  • Let’s throw the pencil in the air as before but Let’s recover it only when it is at a lower height of the on of our abdomen (or knees)
  • To recover it we have to be much faster and above all we have to flex our knees by letting our weight drop softly
  • Let’s do not forget about dynamism and correct breathing (in particular syncing the exhalation with the knees flexing down and the inhalation with the knees turning back)

Variation 2:

  • Let’s replace the pencil with something heavier and / or thinner but with the same conformation (eg. a metal chopstick)
  • Let’s avoid using pointed things

Variation 3:

  • Let’s throw the pencil against the wall instead of throwing it in the air
  • The wall will create a “random” alteration effect of the fall path (making our recover action harder)

Variation 4:

  • Instead of grasping the pencil with our fingers, we can try to take it with our body (with our limbs)
  • The goal is always to not drop the pencil on the ground but we have to do it without grasping it with the closure of our hands
  • To stop the falling of the pencil we can use all of our bodies parts (ankle, feet, thighs, knees, etc.)
  • This way the practice becomes a little similar to the fabric cloth exercise (the only difference is the idea of stopping the flying object instead of hitting it)


  • These variations can be freely combined together
  • They do not increase too much the danger of the training but only the difficulty of execution
  • They can be practiced as soon as we can have a discreet familiarity with the basic version

Later we will see other exercises suitable for speeding up reflexes, acquisition of handheldness in grasping and improving spatial intelligenceand finally the hardest version of this exercise.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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