Meditation method 2

After the first mention of meditation in 6 Dragons Kung Fu (read Meditation method 1), we go ahead to describe a second and more advanced approach. This exercise gives us access to a state of deep concentration where the mental detachment from reality is considerably wider.

Some premises:

  • The second method does not automatically exclude the first one (which we discussed previously) nor the subsequents
  • Each method can be used for different environments, goals, situations, psychophysical conditions, partners level and time at disposal
  • Before moving on to this kind of concentration it is important to have practiced enough the method 1

This kind of practice is slightly more advanced and is not recommended to those who have not practiced the first method every day for at least a couple of months (or 50-60 sessions). The risk is to transform the meditation in an effort thwarting all its positive effects.

How to perform the method 2 (some instructions are repeated and / or similar to the ones of method 1):

  • Let’s find a suitable environment where no one will bother us
  • The complete silence is useful but not fundamental, the important thing is to have no distractions
  • Let’s get on our knees, cross-legged, lying on the ground or sitting on a chair
  • Let’s choose a convenient position but trying to maintaining our back straight
  • If we are not accustomed, a pillow behind our back is fundamental to avoid pain at the lower back (and the consequent distraction that invalidate the entire execution)
  • Let’s avoid background music
  • Let’s close our eyes gently
  • Let’s try to relax every muscle in our body (starting from the feet)
  • One by one let’s concentrate on each limb forcing it to leave all the tensions
  • Let’s imagine our limbs becoming really heavy, heavy enough to sink as into a soft mattress
  • Let’s slowly inhale through our nose rather deeply but without any kind of effort
  • Let’s exhale through our mouth freely, again without any kind of effort
  • Let’s be sure that the duration of each exhalation is lower than the relative inhalation
  • During the exhale let’s release a low sound with the mouth like a slow and silent “ah” (to empty our lungs at 50%)
  • 10-15 minutes are fine to begin (let’s try to practice every day)

If we are able to do the mentioned steps we can go further adding these details:

  • Let’s try to inhale for 7 seconds and exhale for less than 7 seconds (slowly, very slowly, without interruptions)
  • Let’s try to free our mind from every distraction
  • We have to concentrate on our breath and focalize imagination on a gallery without end where we are entering into


  • Meditation is an activity in which we must avoid to test us, we must proceed extremely gradually, very slowly
  • If we feel any kind of discomfort (dizziness, hyperventilation, etc.) we have to immediately stop the practice and step back to the method 1

We must not adulterate the only working medicine for our mind (we will have a lot of other exercises to increase our lung capacity, control our heartbeat, etc.).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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