Meditation method 1

The mind of those who are oriented towards a too hectic (typically western) way of life will have a hard time to:

  • Focus on nothing
  • Stay still and do not do anything
  • Stay silent
  •  Release the tensions

The most common temptation is to think about practicing Kung Fu without wasting time meditating.

This refusal is more than normal but we must resist, this practice, as well as fundamental for achieving certain results, is incredibly beneficial (both for the psyche and for the body).

To help beginners here we have a first simple approach to meditation in 6 Dragons Kung Fu:

  • Let’s find a suitable environment where no one will bother us
  • The complete silence is not fundamental, the important thing is to have no distractions
  • Let’s get on our knees or better cross-legged with a pillow behind our back
  • Let’s choose a convenient position, if we feel discomfort we will not able to concentrate
  • Let’s put a background of oriental meditation music (we can find it online and for free, try to search something like “zen meditation”)
  • Let’s close our eyes, gently
  • Let’s try to relax every muscle in our body (initially it is not easy)
  • Let’s breathe naturally but more slowly, without tiring us
  • Let’s inhale through our nose and exhale through our mouth
  • Let’s imagine to practice Kung Fu solitarily, effectively, peacefully, with harmony and determination
  • We do not have to go beyond our ability, 5 minutes are fine to begin (let’s practice every day)

If this is our first approach to meditation, let’s do not try while we are nervous or when we have no time to dedicate.


  • This is only an introductory method, we are violating some basic rules to make it as much simple as possible
  • Meditation will help us to think and to relax in any situation but only after a few months of practice
  • Meditation has to be a pleasure, a moment for us, if this will become a forced practice, the beneficial effects will never come

In the next article of this series, we will see the second meditation method of 6DKF. Let’s do not go to the next step if we are not accustomed to this one.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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