Invisibility: the best night stealth color

In the image of this article there are 3 hidden characters (how many can we see?):

  • The first wears a black suit
  • The second wears a gray suit
  • The third wears a blue suit

As you can see, the first character wear a very noticeable color not only by day but also at night and even in conditions of poor visibility. The reason that makes the black extremely easy to identify is the fact that, in most scenarios, it is rare to find objects (animals, natural features, buildings, etc.) so dark.

Black is a color so unusual that it would not be noticed almost only in complete absence of light (but in this case even if we were dressed in white would not change anything).

The ancient ninjas used to wear clothes of different colors depending on the environment, weather conditions and time of day in which they had to act; in the case exemplified in the illustration (at night in a forest) probably they would have worn uniforms blue or gray (the black we see in the films it does not practically never wore).

The reason for this is very clear to those who had experience in digital graphic and is very simple: in low light situations happen that each thing loses part of its saturation (becoming gray) and everything is influenced/covered/filtered by the refraction color of the sky (purple / blue / green / etc.).

The ideal color to blend with the environment during the night is not black but gray. In the next article we will deepen the technique of visual camouflage through other colors and through the correct way to approach them in order to go unnoticed.


At this link you can view the image that highlights the outlines of the characters in the picture:

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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