Improper weapons in a real situation

In a real situation it is really difficult that we have with us the weapons we have learned to use during training (swords, nunchaku, etc.) but it is much easier to recover similar objects in order to use them as defensive improper weapons (or, even better, as effective deterrence).

In this regard the 6DKF never insists on the quality of the weapons that we learn to use but the quality and versatility of our training method; for example, if we buy sticks that are slightly unbalanced, crooked or unwieldy it is an advantage that we accumulate on our possible opponents and not a handicap (when and if we will like to hold professional equipment we will simply be in advantage).

It is not the weapon that must be perfect but the arm that wields it.

Some offensive weapons can be used to cut, to cause abrasions, others may simply be used for impact (etc.), let’s now see the general 6DKF distinction:

  • Rigid impact weapons (a metal water pipe, the handle of a broom, a durable metal table lamp, etc.)
  • Rigid cutting or penetration weapons (a saw, a piece of sheet metal, a long nail, etc.)
  • Flexible or semi-flexible weapons (the trouser belt, the chain of a bicycle, an “elastic” metal bar, etc.)
  • Throwing weapons (stones, an heavy ashtrays, glass bottles, etc.)
  • Immobilisation weapons (clothes, laces of shoes, car safety belts, etc.)
  • Distractive weapons (a bed sheet, sand, unstable shelves of books, etc.)
  • Enhancement weapons (the strap of a metal watch, rings, a bracelet, etc.)
  • Deterrence weapons (a syringe, an uncovered power cable, a flaming torch, etc.)
  • Protective weapons (a metal panel, a piece of wood, a jacket draped over an arm, etc.)

As we’ve already said, it’s useless to repeat that the use of weapons (proper or improper) is the last option and expose us to suffer/cause big damages and to drop our legal position to the excess of defence.

In the next article we will see what are the most useful things to be evaluated (in order of importance) in the choice of a weapon improper in the fight environment.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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