How to train in 6DKF: basic exercises

To prepare ourselves consistently in the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style we have to set a daily training focused on the most important aspects of this martial art.

In this series of articles we will see (quickly) on what to focus our practice sessions.

To start:

  • We have to establish, within our day, a certain time to be divided into sections (from 5 minutes for beginners to 10-60 minutes for all the other, depending on the needs)
  • As we have mentioned in the past, depending on the physical form we have we can start with 30-45 minutes a day and increase gradually with the improvement of our services (the ideal for a good preparation is at least 2-3 hours)
  • We must not always perform all kinds of exercises but, alternating as far as possible, we must try to maintain a balance (even and especially in relation to our failings / weaknesses)
  • What we are going to expose it’s just the general composition of the training of 6DKF, we will not go deep into the various components (we have already talked about earlier or we will talk about later)

Let’s start from the basic exercises (common to many other disciplines / sport):

  • Heating (warm-up that does not require special flexibility, strength, etc.)
  • Flexibility (power stretching, specific / preparatory, etc.)
  • Running (with obstacles, fast, etc.)
  • Jumps (high / low, fast movements, footwork, etc.)
  • Weights (weight lifting, throwing, cloths with weights, etc.)
  • Other (elements of functional training, other type of training, etc.)
  • Regeneration (exercises that allow us to compensate for the effort)

These are common but important exercises to fortify our body, in the next article we will see the specific 6DKF training categories (regarding the use of body, mind, weapons, etc.).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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